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Although your teeth are durable and can withstand decades of biting and chewing, they're susceptible to damage. Everything from tooth decay to blunt trauma can damage your tooth's enamel which can be painful and expose its sensitive pulp to bacteria. If you're looking for a restorative option that's straightforward and effective at protecting your tooth, a dental crown may be perfect for you. Premier Valley Dental proudly provides high-quality dental crowns to Phoenix and communities throughout the Valley.

Dr. Margaret Tran and her team have spent years improving the dental crown process to be as efficient as possible. As such, we provide both traditional and implant-supported options to meet your unique needs. We look forward to meeting you and improving your smile's functionality and appearance. Call us or stop by our office to schedule your next appointment with our compassionate and skilled dental team!


Are Dental Crowns Right for Me?

A dental crown is a type of restoration for a single tooth. Popular for their versatility, crowns can be placed anywhere in your smile and can do everything from protecting a tooth following root canal therapy to anchoring a dental bridge in place. We'll begin by conducting an extensive oral exam to get an in-depth look at your teeth, gums, and jawbones. Afterward, Dr. Tran and her team will sit down with you to establish if one or multiple crowns are right for your smile.

Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Crowns

At Premier Valley Dental, we're privileged to leverage our experience and skills to provide you with traditional and implant-supported crown options. Both types of crowns have distinct advantages that can make them an enticing option for patients from all walks of life. Our dental team will sit down with you to break down both options and answer any questions you may have.

Traditional Crowns: Traditional crowns are ideal if your tooth is still in place and hasn't needed to be extracted. Traditional crowns are comprised of a restorative cap that's placed over your tooth. Your new prosthetic can protect your natural tooth from further damage and restore your ability to bite and chew. The tooth-colored appearance of your crown allows it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. The process of receiving your dental crown is straightforward. Dr. Tran will begin by taking detailed 3D impressions of your tooth and will send them to a local lab to craft your restoration. While waiting to receive your crown, we'll provide you with a temporary crown that can protect your tooth. Finally, once your crown is ready, we'll have you visit our office for placement, where we can make any necessary adjustments for a secure and comfortable fit.

Implant-Supported Crowns: An implant-supported crown replaces a single tooth from root to crown. The restoration looks like a conventional crown but is surgically held in place by a dental implant post. The post is embedded in your jawbone and, as it heals around your bone and gums, creates a base for a wide range of restorations, including crowns. One of the most significant benefits of an implant-supported crown is its longevity. Although your restoration may need repairs, your implant post remains in place indefinitely. You can care for your implant-supported crown as you would your natural teeth by regularly brushing and flossing it. Additionally, if your tooth is beyond saving and you're interested in an implant-supported restoration, we can extract your tooth.

Dental Crowns FAQs

It's normal to have various questions about dental crowns. That's why our team is here to answer any questions you may have. Some of the most frequently asked questions about dental crowns include:

Does your office offer root canal therapy?

Yes. Our practice can provide root canal therapy, so you must only visit one practice to prepare and place your new crown.

During the placement of your dental crown, we'll numb your mouth to ensure that you feel as little discomfort as possible. However, if you continue to feel discomfort following placement, we recommend over-the-counter pain medication.

It depends entirely on the type of crown you receive. Traditional crowns typically take less time for patients to recover from compared to implant-supported crowns. Our team will break down the recovery times for whatever type of crown you get.

Durable Phoenix Crowns for Your Teeth

Whether you need single or multiple crowns, Premier Valley Dental is the place for you. Our team has extensive experience and skills in offering crowns to improve your mouth's functionality. From traditional to implant-supported options, our office can meet your needs. The natural appearance of our Phoenix dental crowns makes it easy for your prosthetic to blend in with your smile. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!



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