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Dental Emergency

A woman with a dental emergency in PhoenixWe want to see you in the event of a dental emergency. Daily time slots are reserved to fit in patients who need same day dental services. At Premier Valley Dental, we understand that any dental emergency, from an injury to the tooth and gums, or pain, can be potentially serious. We do not want our patients to ignore problems; ignoring problems can lead to larger issues as well as more time in the dental chair and expense. If a dental emergency arises, we will do our best to accommodate you.  

Dr. Schwei is happy to assist you if you have experienced a dental emergency, this applies to both current and new patients. We will do our best to see you timely, with either same day or next day appointments. Patients who are experiencing extreme symptoms such as severe swelling, bleeding, fever, or signs of infection are asked to seek immediate medical assistance, do not wait for life-threatening symptoms.

Emergency Services

Emergency dental care services include:

•  Tooth Pain:Prior to being seen, attempt to brush the area and floss around it. Sometimes plaque or food can become stuck or be in contact with dentin, causing discomfort. Additionally, you can attempt to gargle warm salt water to provide relief or take an over the counter pain reliever.
•  Swelling:Swelling is a sign of infection, it could be a gum abscess or a pulpal abscess, both of these require immediate attention. Before your appointment, you can use an ice pack or heat pack to reduce swelling. An over the counter pain reliever can reduce inflammation and reduce fever.
•  Cracked Tooth:A broken, fractured, or cracked tooth can be painful and distressing. We would like to see you for an appointment to help. Before your appointment, you may find an ice pack and an over the counter pain reliever to be helpful.
•  Lost Filling:Fillings can fall out, we can help. Losing a filling is often painful, and the tooth is often very sensitive. We can restore the tooth. Before your appointment there are store bought temporary filling putties at local drugstores, this can help reduce pain.

There can be a wide range of causes for dental emergencies. From sports related injuries to falls, teeth fractured on food, and more, trauma to a tooth is common and can be restored. Patients who engage in regular sports activities, no matter what the activity is, are encouraged to have a mouth guard customized to fit your mouth. Though there are store versions available, they are often oversized and bulky, and many patients choose to not wear them because of it. Mouth related injuries are highly common in sports, taking the simple act to wear a mouthguard can reduce the likelihood of a dental emergency significantly.

After our team has addressed your dental emergency, we will likely schedule a follow-up appointment for re-evaluation and determination if any further treatment is necessary.
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