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Children's Dentistry Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Alexandria Schwei Helps Children Smile!
Family that is laughing on the couch, with kids in the foreground Going to the dentist at any age can be intimidating to some, but it is especially so with children. Our talented and comforting team at Premier Valley Dental will be able to create a relaxing environment for your child to feel completely at ease during their appointment. During your child’s appointment, Dr.Schwei, who is an expert at family dentistry, will take the time to explain the aspects of your child’s treatment plans and exams. We want to make sure your child is fully informed and understands what happens during a dental exam, that way they are included in the process.

We will take the time out to teach your child proper brushing and flossing techniques and routines, as it is important to make sure healthy dental habits are established early. If we find some sort of decay, like a cavity, during your child’s appointment, there is no need to worry. We will be able to rectify the situation and use tooth-colored fillings to make your child’s smile look as natural as possible. With each appointment, we will remind your child of the brushing and flossing techniques, always keeping the information fresh in their minds.

Part of your child’s dental appointment includes fluoride treatments and dental sealants. Fluoride is a key mineral in making sure your child’s teeth grow to be strong, and it is also a key factor in preventing cavities. Dental sealants are plastic coverings around your child’s teeth located in the back of their mouths. Because teeth such as molars have many grooves and pits, it can be an ideal location for bacteria to make your child’s tooth its new home. With dental sealants, bacteria are blocked from settling in those grooves, resulting in a healthier, happier smile!

Our top priority for all of our patients, especially our youngest ones, is that you feel comfortable and well taken care of throughout your entire appointment. Building healthy relationships and healthy smiles is our number one goal, and we are not satisfied until all of our patients, young and old, are proud of their smile!
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